Magnet Communications and Centerpost Corporation, based in Chicago, are launching a new alerting solution for banks and their corporate customers.

The alerting solution will be made available through Magnet’s BizBankingWORKS Internet cash management suite. It will enable banks to deliver event-driven, cash management and business banking alerts to their corporate customers by telephone, pager, PDA, email and fax.

Magnet, based in Atlanta, is using Centerpost’s SmartDelivery solution to give corporate customers an way to receive cash management and business banking information, such as account balance data, payment and disbursement activities and much more.

Using Magnet’s Web-based service, corporate customers will be able to select the types of alerts that they would like to receive and then direct those alerts to any combination of devices. As activity occurs, voice and text alerts will be delivered automatically.

“We’ve provided our client banks with a unique solution that addresses corporate customers’ need for convenience and instant access to information that affects their business,” Steve Gordon, president and chief executive officer of Magnet, said in a statement. “After reviewing the capabilities of potential providers, Centerpost’s proven success in the banking industry and thorough understanding of cash management and business banking issues clearly set them apart as a reliable partner that is helping us give our clients a highly valuable customer service tool.”