Fitel USA Corp. has filed a lawsuit against Sterlite Optical Technologies claiming patent infringement against the Norcross-based manufacturer of optical fiber.

The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, alleges Sterlite is infringing on a number of patents covering fiber-optic technologies, including those imperative to manufacturing fiber cables that exhibit “a low level of polarization mode dispersion,” according to court documents.

In a prepared statement Eddie Edwards, president of Fitel division OFS Optics, said: “We attempted to discuss these issues with Sterlite before filing suit, but they have not been willing to engage in a dialogue in a manner that we consider to be satisfactory. The initial patents that we are asserting against Sterlite are the same patents that are the subject of our lawsuit against FiberCore, Inc. We believe that many optical fiber and fiber optic cable manufacturers are infringing these patents by manufacturing and selling optical fiber using these fundamental patented technologies, and that their customers could be infringing these patents by using infringing fibers and cables.”

OFS Optics