Summus Inc. has entered into its first mobile virtual network operator relationship with Single Touch Interactive (STI), a wireless application developer and publisher.

Under the terms of the agreement, Summus will provide both a suite of bundled mobile applications as well as service applications based on its BlueFuel architecture to subscribers of STI’s World Wrestling Entertainment and Sports Mobile Professional phones.

In exchange, STI of Carlsbad, CA, guarantees Raleigh-based Summus a minimum of 60,000 users by the end of the first contract year.

“Summus’ ability to offer a catalog of mobile applications, built on our powerful BlueFuel platform, presents an attractive content solution for today’s mobile virtual network operators,” Bjorn Jawerth, chief executive officer at Summus, said in a statement. “BlueFuel is tremendously efficient at delivering high quality multimedia over mobile networks, enabling network operators to offer products and services with an exceptional user experience.”

Initial bundled applications that Summus will provide include My Mobile Office…allowing users to download, store, manage, view, share and send digital photos and application files…Stock Tracker, Package Tracker and AP News and Sports Alerts.

Six other Summus applications that will be offered as premium services through STI include ZIO Interactive’s Ultimate Golf Challenge and Nineball, Snapfish Mobile, Funcaster Mobile, Real-Time Traffic and stock quotes from .