Numerex Corp. (Nasdaq: NMRX) has signed a licensing agreement with BT Group plc to offer BT “redcare’s vend online” management software to its customers.

The joint offering combines BT redcare’s remote monitoring and online management service with Numerex’s wireless product, FT-V and the Cellemetry Data Service. The service will enable vending operators to manage the quality, security and delivery of their products.

Under the terms of the agreement, Numerex will integrate BT redcare’s vend online service into a new product offering that operates utilizing a two-way wireless data link to its Cellemetry network for communications coverage throughout North America.

With BT redcare’s vend online service, vending operators can receive analysis of sales data by brand, location and time. They can also receive alerts via email or SMS text message in alarm situations.

“This agreement builds on our relationship with BT redcare, and allows us to further expand our wireless data communications services portfolio to meet the growing need for wireless remote monitoring capabilities in the vending industry,” Mike Marett, executive vice president of operations and marketing for Numerex, said in a statement. “Teaming with well-established partners like BT redcare helps to ensure our success as we expand our reach in this industry.”


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