The Healthcare Technology Forum sponsored by the Council for Entrepreneurial Development on Nov. 14 will address “Blood, Sweat (Equity), and Tears: Navigating the Challenges of an Entrepreneurial Diagnostic Company.”

Research breakthroughs and intellectual property are just one piece of the puzzle. The risks, challenges and successes of starting a new company exist with even the most robust technology. And in the healthcare field, clinical trials can either be a stepping-stone or a hurdle.

Speakers included moderator Geff Erickson, associate director of fund management with A.M. Pappas & Associates; Jim Geyer, vice president of R&D with Amplistar; David Morgan, director of NMR development at LipoScience; and Michael Touch, president of Touch Scientific.

The CED Healthcare Technology Forum begins at 5 PM and lasts until 7:30 PM at the MCNC Building on Cornwallis Raod in RTP. Register online.