MercuryMD, a company that integrates hospital data and delivers patient information to handheld devices, says five hospital systems have implemented the MData Enterprise System, with at least five more systems scheduled for completion by year-end.

Two of the hospitals are NorthEast Medical Center in Concord, NC, and Porter Memorial Hospital in Valparaiso, IN.

Since MData’s national rollout at the HIMSS 2002 conference in January, 14 hospital systems have contracted with RTP-based MercuryMD to deploy MData across their enterprise.

“Now more than ever, hospitals must achieve operational goals with fewer resources; in response, many are choosing mobile technologies to solve fundamental clinical workflow problems, such as patient data access,” Alan Ying, chief executive officer of MercuryMD, said in a statement. “As clinicians require more data and demand more mobility, MData’s strong user adoption and reliable functionality creates a foundation that delivers immediate operational value to hospitals,”