matterCast Inc., a provider of content distribution and rights management products and solutions, has released the beta version and demonstration site for its SVG based e-Publishing and collaboration solution for serving Adobe PDF content on the web.

The first in a series of planned releases aimed at automating the digital content supply chain, matterCast says its SVG Document Server allows for the immediate and controlled online distribution of PDF content in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. It combines the presentation quality of PDF, the structural features of XML, the web based features of HTML and the collaborative features of a networked environment.

matterCast’s solution consists of a set of tools and components for automating the workflow and deployment of PDF content as SVG. These tools include direct PDF to SVG conversion, a browser-based SVG viewer and the SVG Document Server.

Direct PDF to SVG conversion maintains the fonts, layout and graphics as well as internal and external document links. These SVG documents can then be served by matterCast’s SVG Document Server, which includes server-side components that provide features such as watermarking, search hit highlighting, stream compression and masking of the document as well as providing an integration point for custom business rules.

In addition, the Document Server provides centralized collaboration services to add workgroup features such as document annotations, which are shared among workgroup members. matterCast’s enhanced document viewer is a brandable, browser-based viewer, incorporating Adobe SVG Viewer, that provides search, zoom, print, page-by-page navigation as well as mark-up tools for annotating the document.