Peak 10, a Charlotte-based Web hosting company, has plans to join Hired Guns in the former headquarters of Interpath, which is downsizing its operations after a recent acquisition.

Interpath is moving most of its operations to Maryland as part of a previously announced acquisition by Annapolis-based USinternetworking (USi). Some of Interpath’s customers also are going to Charlotte-based US LEC, a regional telecom company.

While some 20 Interpath employees will remain in the building at Morrisville’s Perimeter Park as part of a USi office and Hired Guns is taking over the vast majority of the space, Peak 10 has plans to base some employees there, too. The company, whose clients include Jefferson Pilot Communications and Wachovia, already has set up operations in Tampa and Jacksonville, FL.

“Peak 10 intends to pursue a presence in the RTP market,” says Bob Griffith, vice president and general manager of Peak 10. “It’s a unique opportunity because of the quality of my team and the uniqueness of this facility.”

Griffith, who is already working out of an office in the Interpath building, is very careful about what information he releases now. He says Peak 10 will make an official announcement in about a week.

The entrance of Peak 10 in the RTP market brings new competition for the managed-hosting market. Its primary competitor in the market will be Springboard Managed Hosting, which bought out bankrupt Utenzi last year and took over its offices and network operations center in Cary.

“With the emerging technology in the local market — there is a substantial potential for growth–,” Griffith says. “There is a growing demand for hosting and a growing demand for enterprise class-hosting.”

As a part of its move to RTP and the Interpath building, Peak 10 will maintain a close relationship with Hired Guns. In addition to leasing office space in the building, Peak 10 and Hired Guns will work in conjunction to offer services to the same companies. The two have already announced one deal and anticipate more soon.

“Peak 10 has enjoyed its relationship with Hired Guns to date,” Griffith says, “and looks forward to a strong future.”

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