RealDialog company LiveWire Logic is producing a free webcast explaining the attainable value of using Virtual Agents on websites for customer self-service applications Nov. 7 at 11:30 AM EST.

The webcast entitled, “Value of Virtual Service Agents” will feature Timothy Hickernell, an industry expert on agent technology, of META Group. Hickernell will present best practices of agent use and it’s associated benefits in the Financial Services sector, as part of an integrated customer service approach.

James Lester, an expert in the field of computational linguistics, will explain how the use of linguistics enables an automated agent to approach human-like results. A live demonstration of the technology developed by Lester and his research team at LiveWire Logic in use in a Financial Services application will also be presented. Attendees will be able to participate during the interactive Q&A portion of the webcast.

In September, LiveWire Logic announced the general availability of RealDialog…the first customer self service solution to use computational linguistics at its core instead of key word or natural language processing approaches. A RealDialog Agent answers user’s questions directly and automatically. It greets and converses with users as they come into a website to understand and meet their needs.

Kathy Neff, director of sales engineering for RTP-based LiveWire Logic will also be a speaker. To register, visit the following website:

RealDialog webcast: