Synthematix, a provider of chemistry workflow systems for chemical research, has released Arthur version 1.3 for commercial use.

The announcement was made in conjunction with the Council for Entrepreneurial Development’s InfoTech Conference, where Sythematix was selected as one of 20 demo companies. The Durham-based company also says it is seeking as much as $2.5 million in another round of venture funding.

The Arthur System provides a “synthetic planning environment” for chemists, Synthematix says. The systems consist of a suite of modules for searching reactions and associated experimentals, visualizing related chemistries and processes, annotating experimental results, modeling new results based on data collected in prior experiments and liking analytical data.

“The Arthur System brings incredible new functionality to the thousands of chemists researching how to successfully synthesize new compounds,” Clay Thorp, chief executive officer and co-founder of Synthematix. “Our products significantly increase the efficiency of chemists and will revolutionize the way that organic synthesis is planned and archived.”

Based on Synthematix’s Abinitio databased architecture and standards for storing the entire reaction procedure, the Arthur System incorporates a web-based search engine that allows scientists to access the institutional memory of an organization.