Quotable: “It’s so much fun being in high tech.” – Barrett JoynerBarrett Joyner, one of the biggest names in RTP’s high-tech entrepreneurial community, is the new vice president of sales and marketing at Mi-Co.

“I had to find work where they would actually pay me,” Joyner tells Local Tech Wire with a hearty laugh.

Joyner, who rose through the ranks at SAS over nearly two decades to become president of the North American Division of Jim Goodnight’s company, has been out of a job since he stepped down as chief executive officer at FullSeven Technologies in July. Joyner gave up his job in a cash-saving move for that startup but remained chairman of the board and helped FullSeven land a round of financing on Oct. 23. He remains head of that board.

But Mi-Co will get the bulk of Joyner’s attention now.

“It’s so much fun being in high-tech,” he says. Since leaving SAS in 2000, Joyner has had brief tenures at SciQuest and FullSeven. But despite a 16-year stint at SAS and an eight-year run at Research Triangle Park before that, Joyner says job changes are not something new. And neither is sales.

Used to change – and closing deals

“At RTI, it was project based so it was like getting a new job every six months,” he says, referring to grant proposals and closings. “And at SAS, we were growing so much it was a lot like getting a new job every year.

“Both are very entrepreneurial in nature.”

Joyner joined SAS as an account executive before moving into sales management, marketing and later becoming vice president of sales and marketing when the divisions were merged. His last post was president of the North American group.

At Mi-Co, Joyner will be working a second time with Jim Clary. The president and co-founder of Mi-Co and Joyner worked together at RTI for several years.

Clary and his son Greg, who is chief technology officer, co-founded Mi-Co in 1999.

Mi-Co has developed software that successfully and very accurately captures written communications and can transmit the information wirelessly. Mi-Co also enables mobile professionals such as doctors and medical technicians to fill out conventional paper forms with the data being transmitted and captured in an enterprise database.

More VC coming?

Joyner says he likes what he sees at Mi-Co.

“This gets paper and pen into the tech age,” Joyner says — but not in too disruptive a fashion.

“A key to adoption in technology is not to destroy what’s already useful,” Joyner says. “Mi-Co takes the pest of paper and ink and customers don’t have to completely retool their processes in order to get the benefits of the technology.”

Mi-Co, which has some 10 employees and operates out of the First Flight Venture Center, has made numerous sales and has several high-profile partners such as IBM, Palm, Microsoft, HP and Ericsson. It also has raised more than $3.5 million in venture capital. And more may be on the way.

Is Joyner’s hire part of a beefing up at Mi-Co to prepare for another VC round and a growth spurt?

Says Joyner: “There may be something coming up.”

Mi-Co: www.mi-corporation.com