LVL7 Systems has expanded its board of directors to include representatives from the two venture capital firms and an individual that led its recent $12.5 million Series B fund-raising round.

The announcement was made in conjunction with the Council for Entrepreneurial Development’s InfoTech 2002, where LVL7 was selected as one of 20 demo companies.

Phil Summe, general partner at Gabriel Venture Partners of Annapolis, MD, and Paul Pishal, a principal at HIG Ventures in Atlanta, have joined the Board of Directors, effective immediately.

“Our venture investors are committed to playing an active role in the strategic direction of LVL7 and we are fortunate to add two very talented individuals to our board,” LVL7 President Ernie Baker said in a statement. “Phil and Paul have an in-depth understanding of the networking industry and are already playing a valuable role in guiding the growth of LVL7.”

F. Neal Hunter, founder and chairman of Durham-based Cree, also joined the LVL7 board. Hutner is a private investor in LVL7 and has served as an informal advisor and mentor to company executives since its inception in 1999.

“I look forward to continuing my work with LVL7 as the company matures and expands into new markets,” Hunter said in a statement. “The management team has a wealth of networking experience and has successfully proven the value of its software in a very tight market.”