Maverick Marketing says it has begun a new approach to providing marketing and communications services for early stage companies, as well as new product or service launches.

Maverick is announcing its 3-2-1 Launch! service in conjunction with the Council for Entrepreneurial Development’s InfoTech 2002 Conference for early stage technology companies, which will be held in Research Triangle Park Wednesday.

“This service was developed from our observation that early stage companies need a great deal of marketing communications support in a relatively short period of time,” Maverick President Scott Place said in a statement. “We designed 3-2-1 Launch! to give these companies a way to achieve cost savings on a bundle of services being executed in tandem.”

3-2-1 Launch! is designed for the first 90 to 180 days of a company’s life or following a funding event when companies need a range of marketing programs from a logo to marketing materials, as well as messaging and public relations, Maverick says. It adds that the service is also designed for companies that might need additional specialized help launching new products or services.

Maverick Marketing says it begins the process with its Discovery White Board session. Next, Maverick says it works with its clients to develop an efficient timeline that delivers cost savings as well as marketing and sales momentum. Every strategy and program developed for a 3-2-1 Launch! client is focused on delivering sales leads and revenue, as well as helping the company begin to build their brand, Place said.

Based in Raleigh, Maverick Marketing provides marketing communications programs to growing life science and technology companies focused on sales driven marketing, building corporate brand and creating investor attention. The company also delivers an outsourced marketing communications solution for clients.

Maverick Marketing: