SAS has released Rapid Risk Deployment, a new bundled solution designed to dramatically reduce the time enterprises need to deploy a risk management solution.

The new offering includes SAS Risk Management, the company’s risk management software solution and valuation models from Financial Engineering Associates Inc. (FEA). To further accelerate ease of deployment for customers, SAS has worked with Sun Microsystems to identify supporting hardware components for faster set up and time to market.

With SAS Rapid Risk Deployment, the company says implementation time should be quick because it has integrated, tested and created the major components for an enterprise risk deployment. These components include valuation models from FEA, basic data models, testing and validation routines, and robust end-user reporting capabilities.

“SAS Rapid Risk Deployment provides enterprises with a risk management framework, containing standard test data and customizations, along with FEA valuation models, all tuned for optimum performance on powerful Sun servers,” Austin Trippensee, global risk management strategist at SAS, said in a statement. “The combination of SAS, Sun and FEA, along with expertise from the SAS Risk Management Practice and consulting partners will ensure that customers are up and running quickly and effectively managing their risk and exposure.”

The price of SAS Rapid Risk Deployment will be based on a few key factors, including the size of the portfolio, complexity of analysis, number of geographies, type of Sun server and storage required, the Cary-based company says.