SAS says it is expanding its commitment to provide customer solutions aligned with open, standards-based technology.

SAS says its adoption of Java-based technology, and support for the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE), underscore the company’s goal of providing a new generation of business intelligence software and services that create true enterprise intelligence based on open standards.

Earlier this year, SAS and Sun announced compatibility between SAS’ interactive development environment product AppDev Studio and the Java2 Platform, Enterprise Edition, (J2EE). SAS adds that it continues to develop and deliver solutions that use the power of Java technology and support the functionality of Sun ONE. SAS and Sun say they are working together to optimize performance, integration and deployment.

“In today’s critical business situations, organizations don’t have the luxury of time or proprietary dead ends,” Jim Goodnight, president and chief executive officer at SAS, said in a statement. “Open standards adoption is key to solving immediate business requirements in real-time Web environments. SAS and Sun are committed to delivering the technology required to make intelligent decisions at a moment’s notice.”

Within the Java technology and Sun ONE framework, developers can create and deploy Java applications. Continuing the investment that both companies have made in “write once, run anywhere” architecture, they say the next release of SAS, Version 9, will extend existing SAS Version 8 capabilities with the Java infrastructure.

SAS and Sun will demonstrate SAS Business Intelligence delivered through the Sun ONE Web Server and Sun ONE Identity Server at SAS’ Executive Conference in Las Vegas this week. The demonstration showed a possible use of SAS and SunONE Identity Server in a Pharmaceutical application.