ALPHARETTA,Teledon Solutions, a provider of telecommunications engineering, installation and testing services for voice and data transport, access and optical carrier networks, has added support for voice and data network switching to its services portfolio.

The new service offering is being targeted at the rural Independent Operating Companies, regional Bell Operating Companies, CLECs, utilities, state and county government agencies, school systems and cable service providers.

“As more voice, data and video service providers reduce their staffing levels in the face of declining revenues and profits, those same companies are having to rely more on outsourced service providers like Teledon Solutions in order to maintain, or even grow, their networks,” Teledon Chief Executive Robert McDowell said in a statement.

“Our customers have made it clear that they value our quality services, timely communications and product expertise,” McDowell said. “Being able to work with a single vendor for all their deployment services is a very attractive proposition to most of these service providers, and Teledon Solutions has responded by adding the resources and skill-sets to enable us to provide this one-stop-shop capability.”

As part of Teledon’s new telephone network switching systems services, the company is prepared to assist customers with software upgrades, switch maintenance, resource consolidation and reconfiguration, system line-up and test, cutover services and GR-303 build-outs for combined voice and data services. In addition, the company has recently added a new staging and testing lab at its headquarters facility to further enhance its ability to handle the voice and data network switch equipment needs of its customers.

Teledon was founded three years ago by an experienced team of telecom veterans from Nortel Networks, Siemens and Fujitsu. The company has already earned the repeat business of more than 25 major customers spanning North America and has established formal partnerships with many of the industry’s leading equipment manufacturers.