CHARLOTTE … Data center company Peak 10 has signed a contract with the City of Charlotte to provide high-performance Internet access at LAN speeds.

This deal will allow the city to upgrade its Internet access from four T-1 lines to one 10 Megabit-per-second connection, ensuring that its 5,000 employees and 600,000 residents have fast, reliable and redundant access to City resources at all times.

Peak 10 will also provide comprehensive security monitoring and management solutions to the city, including an end-to-end managed firewall to protect a network against unauthorized access and managed intrusion detection to respond to any suspicious activity along the perimeter of the network.

“All networks are susceptible to cyber attacks, terrorist attacks and accidental/natural disasters,” Charlotte’s Information Technology Director Philip Borneman said in a statement. “That’s why the City of Charlotte has implemented the necessary infrastructure and data protection solutions to mitigate these risks.”

Peak 10 operates data centers in Charlotte and Jacksonville and Tampa, Fla., offering a range of hosting, storage, security and disaster recovery solutions.

Peak 10: