Oculan, developer of a network management platform, has kicked off its second year of operations by expanding its channel and winning awards at two of the nation’s top channel events.

At CMP’s and CompTIAa’s Breakaway XChange in San Diego, Oculan was voted “Overall Best of Show” for the second consecutive event this year. Subsequently, Oculan was nominated for six out of seven possible awards at VARVision, taking home “Best Product: Networking Software” and “Best Presentation.”

Oculan has 186 value-added resellers enrolled in its channel program. Those VARs are headquartered in 32 states and 14 foreign countries.

“I think it is remarkable what our team has managed to accomplish is just over one year of commercial operations,” Steve Giles, president and chief executive officer, said in a statement. “At a period in time with the technology sector struggling, the stock market in a slump, the economy sluggish and venture capital hard to find, Oculan has bucked the tide and maintained momentum across the board. We continue to experience revenue growth, channel growth, and employee growth while introducing new products and services.”

Oculan offers a monthly subscription service model, with no upfront hardware or software purchase required. Its appliance-based technology integrates management tools and functions into one platform. The company also remotely maintains and administers the platform.

Oculan: www.oculan.com