WINSTON-Patients undergoing treatment for the HIV virus have benefited from a new medication reminder developed by ALR Technologies (OTC BB: ALRT).

The ALRT Med Reminder prompts patients to take their medications on time, as prescribed, according to feedback from physicians who have given reminders to their patients. Taking medication as prescribed is particularly critical for AIDS patients, ALRT says, and the ramifications of not taking medications as prescribed could have serious consequences, according to physicians.

Piedmont Medical Specialists, a group of four Winston-Salem physicians who specialize in the treatment of infectious diseases and provide outpatient counseling and treatment to more than 500 patients with HIV infection, provided ALRT Med Reminders to approximately 30 patients of the practice, and they say the feedback has been encouraging.

“If patients fail to take their medications on a regular basis, then they may not achieve the intended benefits,” Stan Link, a senior partner with Piedmont Medical Specialists, said in a statement. “The result can be severe complications or even death. As surprising as it may seem, and even when considering the potentially severe outcomes, patients often forget to take their medications on a regular basis or forget to take them at all.”

ALRT President Stan Cruitt said the company will soon implement a marketing program targeted to HIV treatment centers throughout the United States.

ALR Technologies, a public company trading on the OTC market under the symbol ALRT, is located in Albert Hall in the Winston-Salem’s downtown technology park. The company designs, develops and markets technology products to help in improving health through enhanced medication compliance.

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