SlickEdit Inc., provider of the Visual SlickEdit editing environment, and Dignus LLC, a supplier of compilers and assemblers for IBM mainframes, have signed a sales and marketing agreement for their IBM mainframe software development solutions.

As part of the agreement, Dignus will market and resell Visual SlickEdit on Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms. In addition, SlickEdit and Dignus, which are both based in Raleigh, will jointly sell Visual SlickEdit solutions for zSeries mainframe systems.

Dignus compilers and assemblers enable software developers to write code on any one of multiple platforms for execution on zSeries mainframe systems. By combining SlickEdit and Dignus solutions, the companies say customers can choose a more complete multi-platform development solution.

“SlickEdit is excited that Dignus’ customers will now be able to utilize the many productivity features in the Visual SlickEdit editing environment,” Bob Bradley, director of sales and business development at SlickEdit, said in a statement. “This is a benefit for SlickEdit as well, because through Dignus we will be able to reach more mainframe customers who will benefit from a full-featured editing environment, whether they have a native or off-load mainframe application development strategy.”