Air2Web is launching the 5.0 version of its Mobile Internet Platform and two newly packaged wireless solutions, 2Mail …Air2Web’s 2.0 Version of its wireless e-mail solution … and 2Notify, a wireless alerting solution.

With the release of its new Mobile Internet Platform (MIP), Air2Web says it has incorporated new enhancements to further enable corporate employees to work in or out of network coverage so that they can receive and process critical information whenever and wherever they are with multiple digital, wireless devices. The platform also incorporates new features for the delivery of messages globally, as well the ability to develop mobile applications using JAVA and XHTML.

The MIP previously focused on deploying message and browser-based applications, now supports the development of rich, client-side applications for Palm, RIM, and J2ME. These applications can be used in or out of network coverage. The run-time environment is loaded once on the PDA or smart-phone and can be updated over the air.

With 2Mail, Air2Web says it has extended the capabilities of corporate employees to work on email and PIM applications in and out of network coverage from many popular wireless devices. While Air2Web had previously offered online browsing access to MS Exchange and Lotus Domino including attachments from all digital wireless devices, the newly renamed solution, 2Mail, now includes many more features. Among those features are access on RIM, Palm and J2ME devices; added security, with content encryption and sender identity validation; alerts via email, calendar updates and meeting reminders; and support for multiple languages.

Atlanta-based Air2Web says early pilots of 2Mail include Vigilar and Purdue Pharma, which now have wireless access to all their email, calendars, contacts and attachments via Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino. They are using a variety of digital, wireless devices to receive their email, calendar updates and meeting and email alerts.

With 2Notify, Air2Websays it has packaged its wireless alerting capabilities to provide a lower-cost, easy-to-implement, readily customized solution for different types of applications. 2Notify enables businesses to alert customers and employees of highly relevant news and information on all digital device classes. Thus, standardization on a particular device is unnecessary.