HAHT Commerce, a provider of Demand Chain Management applications, says that LG Siltron, one of Korea’s leading silicon wafer manufacturers, has selected its applications for customer-facing business processes.

As part of LG Siltron’s customer-centric strategy, the company says it chose HAHT Commerce Suite 7.0 applications that enable it to offer order management, demand forecast collaboration, account services and other customer related functionality for its clients 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Doo Ho Chung, chief executive officer and president of LG Siltron, said the company looked at several CRM alternatives. Chung said LG Siltron decided on HAHT because it understand the company’s customer commitment and offered a high-performance solution with the flexibility required for future needs.

“We are very proud that LG Siltron selected HAHT for their order and service management solution,” Tom Thomas, CEO and president of Raleigh-based HAHT, said in a statement. “They have a strong track record of delivering value to their customers and we feel very strongly that they will succeed if we also provide the highest value to them.”

HAHT: www.haht.com

LG Siltron: www.lgsiltron.co.kr