Elsinore Technologies, a privately held company that focuses on software development and management, is growing despite a tough economic environment.

Elsinore’s revenues are soaring, its profits are up, and many existing customers keep coming back for more business, the company says. Developer of the Visual Intercept enterprise work management platform, Elsinore says its sales revenues for the nine-month period ending Sept. 30 grew by 138.6 percent since the same period last year.

According to Christina Lewis, marketing consultant for Elsinore, the company’s revenues were between $3 million and $5 million last year and have increased steadily during the seven years it has been in business. Lewis attributes Elsinore’s ongoing success to its innovative technology and its quick response to customer needs, which she says makes for some very loyal customers.

“While I don’t know of any company that would say it isn’t dedicated to ‘providing outstanding customer service,’ I can tell you that Elsinore truly does,” Lewis says. “As a result, the company has a very loyal and satisfied customer base that consistently purchases and implements new Visual Intercept products and upgrades.”

A completely self-funded company since its inception, Elsinore was founded in 1995 to enable software development teams to better manage issues during all phases of the software development life cycle. Now, Elsinore says its Visual Intercept enterprise work management platform is the industry’s only completely scalable, “closed-loop” system for managing both the planned tasks and unexpected events and issues associated with work.

“One of Visual Intercept’s key differentiators is a design that allows it to be used throughout the enterprise to manage all facets of work associated with product development and project management,” Lewis explains. “Visual Intercept’s ability to disseminate information to and capture input from core and non-core team members, as well as people external to the organization, provides the enterprise with a ‘closed loop’ system for managing work and its associated issues.”

In addition to announcing increased revenue for the seventh year in a row, Elsinore President Dan Soper said profits at the Raleigh-based company were also up for the third quarter and for the year.

“As a result of our performance, Elsinore remains profitable again this year, continuing a historical trend since our inception seven years ago,” Soper said in a statement. “These figures reflect the tremendous loyalty of our existing customer base and, during these difficult economic times, are a testament to the value that our customers derive from Visual Intercept, not only in software development but in all aspects of their business.”

High-profile customers

Elsinore has closed deals this year with new and existing customers around the world, including Allscripts, BK Medical, CRS Retail, Hewlett-Packard, Halliburton and PrimeVest, a member of the ING Advisors Network. The company also introduced new integrations with Mercury Interactive’s TestDirector global test management software and AccuRev’s configuration management solution during the third quarter.

In addition to ongoing user satisfaction, Elsinore attributes its success in 2002 to the release of Visual Intercept Enterprise 3.0. This enterprise-ready platform incorporates such features as dual licensing that enables access from the desktop or across the web, automated e-mail notifications, incident-to-incident mapping that cross-associates multiple work items within and between projects and real-time reporting capabilities.

Elsinore says the Visual Intercept Enterprise 3.0 release also includes Visual Intercept Project. This enables Microsoft Project users to analyze and adjust schedules based on real-time issue management data.

Elsinore Technologies: www.elsitech.com