Clinical trial data management company etrials Inc. has released QuickStudy Voice, a phone-based alternative for collecting patient data and for managing investigator sites.

QuickStudy Voice is an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) that includes an easy design environment, database independence and integration with etrials QuickStudy View for real-time reporting, the company says.

Major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are using IVRS technology to improve the accuracy and quality of collected patient data in clinical trials, particularly in remote areas where using computers is not a realistic option, the company says.

QuickStudy Voice is used to collect data about patient health or response to medication from people enrolled in drug or device clinical trials. The phone-based system supports site management where the trials are conducted, including recording the enrollment of patients, ordering clinical trial supplies and site activation, etrials says.

“IVRS is an important technology as we continue to grow into international markets,” John Cline, president of etrials, said in a statement. “–With this announcement, etrials is the only company that offers an integrated approach to the three major clinical data capture options: computer-based data capture, handheld patient diaries and phone-based collection and management.”

QuickStudy Voice works with another etrials product, QuickStudy View, to allow trial investigators to review patient data in real time during a trial. Trial sponsors can also be alerted via email, fax or pager if pre-defined entries are made.

etrials Inc.: