Numerex Corp. (Nasdaq: NMRX) has unveiled a new mobile messaging offering, WebTap, which it says can transform online content into customized wireless services for SMS-enabled mobile phones.

Through an agreement with Voxline Communications of Belleville, NJ, Numerex says it can now offer its Data1Source wireless carrier customers a Short Message Service (SMS) solution that addresses the information needs of their subscribers with the use of a new tool that unwires the Web for content delivery, along with pre-formatted content via The Associated Press.

“Numerex has experienced rapid growth in text messaging usage, with a 36 percent increase in the number of text messages sent over our Data1Source SMS network in the last thirty days alone,” Greg Hull, vice president of marketing and business development for Numerex, said in a statement. “Through WebTap, mobile users can stay current throughout the day by receiving the latest breaking news pertaining to their own interests, whether that’s financials, politics, technology or entertainment on demand, straight to their wireless phone.”

Data1Source’s wireless content service offering now makes it possible for users to get local news, weather forecasts or stock quotes at specified times every day via SMS messages, all controlled and managed by the user. Users select the Web content they want to unwire, and the information is then extracted from the Web and recast in structured documents and made accessible instantly for any mobile phone.

Numerex is an Atlanta-based technology company comprised of operating subsidiaries that develop and market a wide range of communications products and services. The company’s primary focus is wireless data communications utilizing proprietary network technologies.

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