SlickEdit Inc. says Bethesda, MD-based Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has selected Visual SlickEdit for use in developing its advanced air traffic system that improves direct routing of aircraft.

Lockheed Martin’s User Request Evaluation Tool Core Capability Limited Deployment (URET CCLD) system, developed for the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Route Traffic Control Centers, detects potential conflicts with other aircraft up to 20 minutes in advance and can determine if pilot-requested changes to a flight plan are free of conflicts with other air traffic.

Visual SlickEdit is a core development tool on the URET CCLD system and provides many productivity tools that help software engineers organize, analyze and work with code, along with increasing the readability of code and managing files in a complex environment, the company says. Visual SlickEdit’s built-in macro capability has also allowed Lockheed Martin developers to create tools to help them in their development activities.

“We all understand the importance of air traffic safety, and we are very pleased that SlickEdit has earned the confidence of Lockheed Martin to increase their development productivity in such a critical and complex project,” Jill Maurer, SlickEdit chief executive officer, said in a statement.


Lockheed Martin: