DULUTH,Fortel DTV Inc., a provider of video signal processing technology for digital television and video production industries, has named Andy Chan, former chief executive officer of Future Networks, as chairman and CEO.

Chan replaces Fortel DTV’s founder and former CEO, Virgil Lowe, who has assumed the role of president and chief technology officer. Lowe said the move would allow him to focus on guiding Fortel’s product development efforts and to lay the technological foundation to position Fortel for growth in new business areas.

Following his appointment, Chan initiated a company wide reorganization plan designed to enhance Fortel’s product offering and expand business opportunities in adjacent markets.

“We have reorganized Fortel into two business units…broadcast products and OEM & licensing,” Chan said in a statement. “This will allow us to expand our current broadcast product line and introduce our technology into high growth market applications.”

Appointed to lead the two business units are Minton O’Neal, general manager of broadcast products, and Karl Parandjuk, general manager of OEM, licensing and new markets.

Chan comes to Fortel with over 28 years of experience in technology industries. He started Future Networks in April 1999 and after achieving sales of $6 million per month by the end of 2000, sold the company to Tellabs in February 2001 for $181 million in cash. This accomplishment earned the Catalyst Magazine 2001 Biggest Deal of the Year Award.

Before Future Networks, he served as director of Cornerstone Voice product hardware development for Arris Interactive, which is now a large cable voice modem company. Chan also worked with numerous Access products during a 22-year tenure with Nortel.

The reorganization also included the appointment of four new board members. Joining the board in August 2002 were Ben Hill, director of Atlanta Technology Development Center; Travis Green, president of PFG Optics; Eddie Edwards, former network broadcast television owner; and Kirk Stevenson, of Stevenson Asset Management.

Fortel DTV is an advanced video signal processing company based in Duluth, GA. The company says its signal conversion and processing products facilitate the television industry transition to digital and set the signal standard for the new digital video infrastructure. Fortel DTV’s technology is used in broadcast stations, cable and satellite facilities, production studios, and display devices.

Fortel DTV: www.forteldtv.com