Transoft International Inc. says it has signed an agreement with a top 10 major U.S. financial institution to switch from a competitors product to its OptiCa$h-Pro currency supply chain management solution.

OptiCa$h is the Transoft’s leading optimization and end-to-end processing tool for currency management, the company says. Citing the security advantages and OptiCa$h’s better fit into the bank’s IT standards and environment, Transoft says the bank chose to make the switch.

“The bank strongly considered upgrading to the competitors new product,” Dominic Di Blasio, director of sales at Transoft, said in a statement. “But in the end, our persistence and the product maturity of OptiCa$h over newly released unproven software won out.”

There are three key reasons that the bank chose to move 6,000 ATMs off of the competitors platform and on to Transoft’s, according to Roger Baldridge, director of marketing and business development. The first is because Transoft offers the ability to forecast and order recommendations; second, it offers a solution that provides supply chain management automation and overall cost savings; and third, Baldridge says, its platform configuration is flexible and will meet the bank’s existing standards, as well as potential changes in the future.

Based in Cary, Transoft is a provider of currency supply chain management and cost optimization solutions for the banking industry. Founded in 1992, Transoft develops software that provides recurring cost savings in ATM, branch and vault networks by applying operations research and statistical analysis to the cash inventory management and balancing of all cost components. The privately held company manages cash for nearly 100,000 ATM’s and bank branches with customers across six continents.

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