CARY –To help battle hackers, thieves and cyber-terrorists, SAS is introducing IT Security Management, a software solution the company says allows users to gain an enterprise-wide understanding of their IT security information.

SAS also says IT Security Management allows users to bring all their IT security data into a central repository where they can see all the information easily. It permits them to establish a baseline of normal IT security activity, SAS says, as well as create and enhance security policies and align them with organizational goals.

“The IT infrastructure is the lifeblood of most organizations, and fortifying IT defenses has become a top priority for many CIOs,” Jim Davis, senior vice president of marketing at SAS, said in a statement. “SAS IT Security Management boosts the effectiveness of corporate security systems by adding intelligence that can help organizations detect vulnerabilities and anticipate and deter attacks.”

SAS IT Security Management is fully integrated with the other components of SAS IT Management Solutions to provide assessment of potential security impacts to the network, platforms, long-term performance and IT customers.