Relativity Technologies has released RescueWare 7.0, which it says is the latest and most advanced iteration of its flagship solution for modernizing legacy computer systems.

The release is targeted at addressing the needs of companies wanting to transform themselves into real-time enterprises, Relativity says. The new solution includes technical innovations to allow companies to adapt their legacy systems to make them more responsive to the business.

RTP-based Relativity, founded in 1997, says many organizations plan to use Web Services to connect mission-critical applications, but legacy business systems usually lack the necessary interfaces and structure. It says RescueWare 7.0 provides for transformation of these systems into functional and granular components.

“We are seeing significant demand from companies that are looking to reduce maintenance costs on legacy systems, improve business processes by better integrating these into their infrastructure and transform these into modern platforms and architectures,” Vivek Wadhwa, chief executive officer of Relativity, recently told Local Tech Wire.

RescueWare 7.0 technical innovations include integration with emerging Web Services frameworks for J2EE and .NET platforms, support for event-driven asynchronous processing in legacy systems, architectural transformation of legacy languages into alternative Java models, expanded support for system-wide impact analysis and a new generation of tools for extracting and managing business rules locked within legacy applications.

Additionally, RescueWare 7.0 introduces Event-Injection technology that enables the identification and creation of event-based interfaces in these systems. These interfaces can then be integrated with other applications using industry standard middleware.

Relativity Technologies: