SlickEdit says that a fully-functional 30-day trial version of Visual SlickEdit v7 for Linux x86 is now shipping with Red Hat 8.0 on all editions of its Linux Applications CD (LACD).

The LACD provides Red Hat 8.0 users with software applications and tools that they may not otherwise be aware of, SlickEdit says. In addition, the trial version of Visual SlickEdit will also be available for download on Red Hat’s web site. The trial includes electronic documentation and online help to guide users in the development productivity tools provided. SlickEdit is based in Morrisville, and Red Hat is in Raleigh.

Visual SlickEdit has supported the Linux operating system since 1996, is compatible with Linux Kernel 2.2 and above and provides full support for the newly-released Red Hat 8.0, SlickEdit says. Visual SlickEdit v7 includes many features for organizing, analyzing and working with code, along with improving code readability and managing files. It also provides Red Hat 8.0 users with productivity features well beyond what is commonly found in a code editor. Features include automatic syntax expansion, symbol lookup, argument completion and source code formatting.

“We are excited that Red Hat 8.0 customers will now be able to try Visual SlickEdit as their editing environment,” Bob Bradley, director of sales and business development at SlickEdit, said in a statement. “We see great acceptance of the Linux platform with enterprise developers, and with the shipment of our Visual SlickEdit trial to all Red Hat 8.0 users, an even wider audience will be able to see the productivity benefits available.”


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