Life science investment bank Madison Keats has teamed up with Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT), a provider of treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease, to create the non-profit LSVT Foundation.

The LSVT Foundation, headquartered in New York, has turned to Madison Keats to establish a charitable fund that will be used to train rehabilitation and medical professionals around the world to deliver the LSVT method to those in their care. The fund also will provide scholarships to health care providers and patients who would be otherwise unable to have access to LSVT due to economic hardship and/or geographical reasons.

Madison Keats, headquartered in Charlotte, provides investment banking services for clientele drawn solely from the life sciences industry. For those developing new products and technologies, Madison Keats provides support via licensing, mergers and acquisitions, private placement and business valuation services.

LVST is named for Lee Silverman, a Parkinson’s patient treated by Lorraine Ramig in 1986. Ramig, a member of the Speech Pathology faculty at the University of Colorado, understood that the ability to communicate is at the heart of coping with Parkinson’s disease, and went on to develop a novel approach known as LSVT with Parkinson’s patients.

At the core of Ramig’s technique is a unique, non-invasive movement therapy that focuses on increasing amplitude of movement and voice. LSVT has been used to help over 30,000 Parkinson’s patients and other sufferers of neurological disorders reclaim their ability to communicate clearly.


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