Presents at today’s Springboard conference are:

Paula Keith, PhD, CTO; AlphaVax; Research Triangle Park, NC

AlphaVax is an integrated vaccine company that both develops and manufactures preventive and therapeutic vaccines. Some of the vaccines that AlphaVax is currently developing are for HIV, CMV, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Herpes, HPV, and viral pneumonia.

Paula Keith has more than 20 years in bioprocess development, project management, technology transfer, manufacturing scale up and regulatory affairs.

Susan Washer, CEO; Applied Genetic Technologies; Alachua, FL

A spinout from the University of Florida, Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation develops treatments for human diseases, starting with early on-set emphysema, using Adeno-Associated Virus as a gene delivery platform in pre-clinical trials. The company has begun pre-clinical trials for its first product.

Sue Washer brings a background in both science and business to the team having worked in technical product development and sales at Abbott and Eli Lilly.

Nadine Carozzi, Vice President of Product Development and Founder; Athenix Corp.; Durham, NC

An NC State spinout, Athenix Corporation is discovering and developing microbial traits that will enable the transition from petroleum-based carbon resources to renewable plant-based resources.

Nadine Carozzi was Interim CEO of Athenix during its first months of operation. She has 19 years experience in biotechnology and was an integral part of the team that developed the world’s first commercial transgenic corn for Novartis.

Linda Martin, PhD, Founder; BioMarck Pharmaceuticals; Raleigh, NC

Another N.C. State spinout, BioMarck is a corporation dedicated to the discovery and pre-clinical development of new drugs for the treatment of diseases and disorders associated with mucus secretion and inflammation.

Linda Martin is the founder of BioMarck and co-discoverer of MARCKS peptide. She is an Assistant Professor of Cell Biology at North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Rita Sallam, CFO; Business Devices; Columbia, MD

Business Devices software delivers just-in-time sensor data to enterprise applications in a low cost and repeatable way enabling companies to reduce operating costs, deliver enhanced services and provide proactive customer service without massive investments in custom or proprietary device integration.

Rita Sallam most recently defined strategy for CRM and Business Intelligence at the Oracle Corporation. She was a founding member and Director of Business Planning at Concept 5.

Michelle Hunt, Director of Strategic Marketing; Cropsolution, Inc.; RTP, NC

Cropsolution utilizes a proprietary technology called Evolutionary Chemistry (TM) to create products in the crop protection market.

Michelle Hunt has seven years experience in the agriculture industry and formerly served as Director of Contracts and Licensing for Novartis (now Syngenta) in RTP.

Joane Goodroe, Goodroe Healthcare Solutions; Tucker, GA

GHS provides hospitals and physicians with proprietary software solutions designed to ensure continuous quality improvement and cost reduction in cardiac surgery and cardiovascular medicine. The GHS model can be replicated in all specialties with an opportunity to significantly decrease the cost of healthcare.

Joane Goodroe has over 20 years of clinical and management experience in cardiovascular medicine. She is recognized as a national leader in healthcare reform and has published numerous articles on topics related to cardiovascular services including hospital-physician economic alignment models, managed care network development, contracting strategies, and product line development.

Dr. Kay Wagoner, PhD, President and CEO; Icagen, Inc.; Durham, NC

Icagen, Inc is a privately held company engaged in pharmaceutical discovery and development, focusing exclusively on ion channels as drug targets.

Kay Wagoner is an experienced biophysicist and R&D manager. Dr. Wagoner initiated and developed Glaxo’s U.S. ion channel discovery efforts in CNS, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases prior to founding Icagen.

Roxanne Duan, PhD, Founder, President and CEO; Invenia Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Rockville, MD

Invenia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. focuses on the discovery of protein and antibody drugs for type II diabetes using proprietary interaction proteomics, disease-relevant bioassays and anti-sense knockout technologies.

Roxanne Duan has 18 years of experience in cancer and cardiovascular disease research, in genomics, in proteomics, and in the discovery and pre-clinical development of protein therapeutics.

Sherry Challberg, PhD, Founder and CEO; Marligen Biosciences, Inc.; Ijamsville, MD

Marligen Biosciences develops, manufactures and distributes value-added products and services that fuel functional genomics research, focusing on systems and technologies for analyzing variations in genes, proteins and their interrelationships to fill unmet market needs for rapid, multiplexed, quantitative profiling technologies.

Sherry Challberg has 20 years of experience in the biotech sector in life science research and diagnostics. She has managed groups of 30-40 employees and obtained a $15M NIST ATP grant.

Monica Wooden, Managing Director; MercuryGate International; Apex, NC

MercuryGate develops and sells Transportation Management Software that recognizes the interdependent supply chain relationships between shippers, carriers, and intermediaries, using the Web to provide an enterprise independent information sharing environment.

Monica Wooden has 20 years of professional IT experience. She developed startups inside IBM for 9 years and grew an Israeli software company’s Americas division from $8M to $28M.

Sau Lan Staats, PhD, Founder and President; Phoenix S&T, Inc.;
Elkton, MD

Phoenix S&T, inc. develops and sells plastic disposable microfluidic devices that generate data with greatly improved specificity and sensitivity for protein sequencing, a sector of proteomics. These devices are compatible with existing robotic sample dispensing equipment and mass spectrometers.

Sau Lan Tang Staats is the sole author of the seven patent applications covering the core technology of Phoenix S&T. She was a scientist at DuPont Central Research and Development from 1987-2000.

Antoinette Steedman, CEO; RAGGS LLC; Charlotte, NC

RAGGS is a multi-faceted entertainment concept that has proven its viability with children under eight years with headquarters in 30 regional malls around the country. With the mall exposure, RAGGS has emerged with award-winning music, a major one-hour video, tours, merchandising and opportunities for a TV series in Fall 2003.

Toni Steedman is a 20-year advertising agency veteran with experience in entrepreneurial accounts in all industries, especially relevant experience in branding and results-oriented programs.

Ping Ru, Founder, President and CEO; Raindrop Geomagic, Inc.;

Raindrop Geomagic, Inc. is an early stage high-tech company that provides platform and application software used for digital manufacturing and quality inspection. Raindrop Geomagic offers the only automated process for creating digital masters from physical parts and for comparing digital masters to manufactured parts. The company delivers measurable benefits to more than 500 customers worldwide, including Boeing, GE, Siemens, Toyota, Harley-Davidson, Fisher-Price, Align Technology and Disney.

Ping Fu is an expert in geometric computing, visualization and networking. Fu was previously the manager of visualization applications at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.

Lisa Ferstenberg, M.D., Vice President, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs; StemCo Biomedical, Inc.; Durham, NC

StemCo has a patented method for identifying, isolating and enumerating stem cells based on a unique intracellular marker of genetic differentiation.

Lisa Ferstenberg was Senior Vice President at MedLogic Global Corporation and Associate Director Clinical Research at Sandoz Pharmaceutical.

Carol Wideman, President, CEO and Co-founder; Vcom3D, Inc.;
Orlando, FL

Vcom3D, Inc. develops highly differentiated and award winning education, training, and sign language accessibility software products and technologies.

Carol Wideman has been a business leader in education and training market for over twenty years. She led GE training business to annual revenues of $125M with 29 percent net income.

Note: Information provided by CED.