SlickEdit has launched its Academic Program, which it says provides secondary schools, colleges, universities and technical schools with Visual SlickEdit packaged for an academic setting.

Visual SlickEdit is a multi-platform, multi-language editing environment that SlickEdit says allows software engineers to increase development productivity and improve the quality of the software they develop. It complements many engineering and software/technical courses of study, the company says.

With support for 14 platforms and 30 plus programming languages, Visusal SlickEdit provides flexibility to fit academic organizations, the company adds. It allows students to use the same graphical user interface on whatever platform or language is the current focus of study or is most appropriate for the task.

SlickEdit says its Academic Program provides convenient and specially priced network license packs, single-user licenses and documentation packs along with special technical support to meet the needs of academic organizations. N.C. State University’s College of Engineering and the University of Alberta’s Office of the Registrar and Student Awards have selected Visual SlickEdit as their standard editing tools.