XcelleNet, a provider of mobile infrastructure solutions and expertise, has partnered with Verizon Information Technologies (IT), to expand the growing size and complexities of mobile and remote workforces.

Powered by XcelleNet’s Afaria mobile infrastructure technology, Verizon IT has introduced a broad range of managed mobile solutions that the companies say will enable enterprises to effectively deploy, administer, and manage mobile computing devices and remote end-users.

A subsidiary of Verizon Communications, Verizon IT is in enterprise infrastructure outsourcing. Headquartered in Tampa, FL, the company offers customers access to more than 10,000 seasoned IT professionals and ISO-certified data centers in Tampa; Fort Wayne, IN; and Sacramento, CA.

The alliance between Verizon IT and Atlanta-based XcelleNet brings together data centers, management processes and experienced IT professionals with mobile infrastructure software. As more companies move business critical applications and data out to mobile devices, the companies say the amount of corporate data that resides beyond the traditional walls of the enterprise dramatically increases.

“We chose XcelleNet’s mobile infrastructure technology to support our offering because it combines the critical management features our customers demand with support for a wide variety of devices in a product we can trust,” Verizon IT President Mike Luebke said in a statement.

Using XcelleNet, Verizon IT’s Managed Mobile Solutions include the migration of applications to mobile platforms as data center support for enterprise mobile systems. In addition, mobile systems are standardized and the applications and content are updated to maximize availability and reliability. They also ensure synchronization of application data with back-office systems and back-up of specific end-user data.

XcelleNet: www.xcellenet.com

Verizon IT: www.verizonit.com