Research Triangle Software (RTS) says it will demonstrate its CryptoBuddy software at the upcoming Lulu Tech Circus in Raleigh.

RTS says CryptoBuddy is an easy-to-use program that allows individuals and businesses to encrypt and compress private documents and files in a manner designed to “simplify and demystify” encryption in ordinary usage. RTS says CryptoBuddy has received high marks from software reviewers across the country and is now available at more than 100 Internet download sites.

“The Tech Circus is a perfect venue for our mission of protecting confidential and personal information,” Bob Crowley, senior vice president of RTS, said in a statement. “With the ever increasing consciousness of privacy, more and more people now understand the need to encrypt and protect their documents. CryptoBuddy is an easy to use software application that encrypts and compresses small and large documents in a matter of minutes, making CryptoBuddy convenient for all people to use.”

In addition, Crowley, will be presenting a series of seminars on privacy and encryption at Tech Circus throughout the weekend.

The Lulu Tech Circus, a creation of Red Hat founder and former Chairman Bob Young, will be held Sept. 27-29 at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. Plans for the first Lulu Tech Circus include a wide variety of live and interactive experiences from which attendees can design their personalized days at the Circus.

RTS is an electronic commerce (EC) products and services company that says it serves the EC needs of individuals and companies in a cost efficient way. RTS provides EC software, education and related products and services.

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