Interland Inc. (Nasdaq: INLD), a provider of business-class Web hosting services to small and medium businesses, has deployed what it calls a high-availability network architecture for shared hosting which it believes will set higher standards for shared Web hosting.

Two years and $2 million in the making, Interland says the patent-pending blueHALO shared hosting architecture was designed by engineers to bring a new level of reliability to shared Web hosting. Shared Web hosting is when hundreds of customer Web sites reside on a single Web server.

The name blueHALO is based on its “High Availability Load Optimizing” (HALO) architecture, Interland says. This architecture includes redundant firewalls for added security, load balancers that route traffic and guard against bottlenecks, multiple Web server arrays to ensure a site keeps running even if a server fails, duplicated network attached storage and a near-line storage backup system.

Interland says part of blueHALO’s new functionality also includes proactive server management tools, designed to optimize the performance of each shared hosting Web site. These tools include Code Manager, which monitors code written for Web applications for common errors and reports possible performance improvements, and Process Manager, which isolates damaging resource-intensive processes running on the server and minimizes impact to both individual accounts and the overall system

The architecture also provides more reliability for shared hosting, the company says. Interland says it is so sure of its blueHALO architecture’s ability to keep Web sites up and running, it is offering a Service Level Agreement of 99.99 percent uptime. Interland has also engaged independent third-party testing company Keynote Systems to validate the reliability of the blueHALO architecture.