LiveWire Logic says an upcoming webcast will highlight the self-service technology of the company’s RealDialog agent.

The webcast, entitled “Conversations with a Virtual Service Agent,” will be held on Sept. 25, and will highlight the technology developed that enables on-line automated conversations between website visitors and RealDialog’s automated agents.

James Lester, founder and chief scientist at LiveWire, will explain how the use of linguistics enables an automated agent to approach human-like results. The webcast also will feature a live demo of the application in use and testimonial from a user of this solution.

LiveWire says employing a RealDialog Agent answers user’s questions…directly and automatically. It greets them as they come into a website and converses with them to understand their needs and deliver the right answer. This new technology sets the standard for accurate responses to questions and is capable of understanding the context of conversation with customers, the company says.

In addition to Lester, other speakers on the webcast include Kathy Neff, director of sales engineering at LiveWire and Kirkland Desmond, chief executive officer of Tech The webcast begins at 11:30 AM on the site listed below.

RealDialog webcast: