APEX Analytix, an auditing and technology firm for Fortune 500 companies, has entered a partnership with GraphOn Corporation (Nasdaq: GOJO), a developer of business connectivity software that Web-enables software applications.

Utilizing GraphOn’s GO-Global, APEX Analytix says it has created software that is now available via a Web browser.

“Teaming iAPEX capabilities with GO-Global’s Web enabling technology is a strong combination,” Jim Arnold, president and chief executive officer of APEX Analytix, said in a statement. “Now our customers can get the same powerful results from our data mining software over the web, making it readily available to anyone in an organization. The ability to use a web browser delivers a smoother, faster implementation and requires less end-user technical support by the client. It’s a convenient means to manage your disbursement operation and save money for shareholders.”

iAPEX is a family of decision support tools designed to assist companies in bringing control and accountability to the management of their spending. iAPEX software products fit into organization’s accounts payable function. The system can check for duplicate payments, pricing fluctuations, billing errors, and a number of other areas of preventable waste. In the case of large companies, APEX says even a small number of inadvertent mistakes can amount to large amounts of lost profit.

Headquartered in Greensboro, APEX Analytix (formerly JBA Consulting) is a provider of professional services and software to organizations to help them manage their spending from purchase to payment.

APEX Analytix: www.apexanalytix.com

GraphOn: www.graphon.com