Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory (GSDL) says it is expanding its Genovations line of predictive genomic tests with the launch of the DetoxiGenomic profile.

The profile offers an assessment of over 20 genetic variants affecting the body’s ability to metabolize drugs, hormones and environmental toxins.

GSDL says its Genovations line applies recent breakthroughs in genetic research to create clinical assessment tools for primary care physicians to practice personalized medicine. Genovations tests measure individual genetic variations called single nucleotide polymorphisms, which can make people more prone to develop certain diseases or physiological imbalances. This allows physicians to implement customized preventive interventions earlier and with greater specificity than ever before, GSDL says, to reduce a patient’s disease risk before symptoms appear.

“With Genovations, we became the first clinical laboratory to provide predictive genomic tests to the primary care physician,” GSDL Chairman Frank Taylor, who also serves as president and chief executive officer, said in a statement. “The DetoxiGenomic profile represents the latest achievement in our ongoing mission to translate advances in genomic research into useful diagnostic products for the primary care market, solidifying our position on the forefront of predictive diagnostic genomics.”

The DetoxiGenomic profile evaluates genetic variations that influence Phase I and Phase II detoxification, the biochemical process the body uses to metabolize and eliminate toxic chemicals. This will allow primary care physicians to identify patients who may be more susceptible to adverse reactions to certain drugs or medications, or to illnesses caused by repeated exposure to environmental toxins. It joins the growing list of Genovations profiles, which include targeted predictive genomic diagnostic profiles for cardiovascular health, bone health, and immune function. Additional predictive genomic profiles for the primary care market will be available soon, the company says.

Based in Asheville, GSDL employs approximately 275 people. Its clinical laboratory services are licensed by Medicare and several state regulatory agencies, and accredited by the College of American Pathologists. The lab is also an active participant in university-based research and has current affiliations with the University of Illinois Medical School, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the University of Virginia Medical School and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. GSDL is a privately-held company owned by investment bankers Navis Partners and Ferrer Freeman & Thompson, the management team and Stephen Barrie, who founded the company in 1986.