Bell & Howell, a provider of mail and messaging solutions and services, is supplying Educators Mutual Insurance Association with its first secure electronic statement email delivery system using eMessaging eXpress technology and outsourcing services.

Bell & Howell says this technology will augment the insurance company’s existing physical mail operations for delivering statements and provide customer communication and service. It adds that eMessaging eXpress will securely deliver statements directly to an intended recipient’s email address, in addition to providing secure access to 12 months of historical statements and other company services.

“The nice thing is that as companies are looking to make the transition from paper to electronic, by partnering with us, who’s hosting the service for them, they don’t have to make the investment in the hardware, technical skills set and software,” says Mike Maselli, director of eMessaging for Bell & Howell. “Basically, by contracting with us, we bring the technical experience, required partnerships, and give them the solutions and services so they can stick to their core competencies and let us extend their offerings.”

For its eMessaging eXpress service, Maselli says Chicago-based Bell &
Howell, which employs about 400 at its Mail and Messaging Technologies division in Durham, partnered with PostX Corporation of Cupertino, CA. He says PostX provides the actual encryption technology that makes the emails “extremely secure” in the eMessaging eXpress service.

“It’s a real winning combination of Bell & Howell products that focus on managing data and who’s enrolling,” Maselli says, “and then using Postex technology to actually deliver the email.”

Bell & Howell technology also assists Educators Mutual in satisfying Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines, which regulate privacy, security, and electronic transactions standards for health care information. The HIPAA guidelines are fast becoming critical criteria for choosing a messaging partner, the company says.

Educators Mutual began in 1935 providing insurance to teachers primarily in Utah to insure income against loss. Today, it delivers insurance benefits to thousands in school districts and higher education institutions through a network of insurance brokers in 18 states.

Bell & Howell says it’s targeting more companies in the financial, healthcare, insurance, utilities and telecom markets for its eMessaging eXpress email service. The expanding customer base, Maselli says, is in part a result of Bell & Howell’s partnership with Postex.

“Since partnering with Postex, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in activity,” he says. “With the whole concept of emailing, it’s what companies wanted. If we can push it to the same inbox, it’s the closest to walking out to the mailbox and picking it up.”

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