RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK — Cal Chang Yocum, who broke many a story for LocalBusiness.Com, is our leadoff hitter today as Local Tech Wire rolls out stories written for Raleigh Metro Magazine’s High-Tech 100 issue.

Those who know Cal, or have seen her byline, are well aware that she has many reliable sources — and gets far more than her share of scoops.

We think you’ll find her “Executives To Watch” story today an interesting conversation starter.

Some people you might expect to see on the list aren’t there. And she offers up a few surprise choices too. Be sure to see her story, which is featured as our No. 1 selection today.

More stories are coming, too — exclusively online. And these lists of companies to watch will include some surprises.

Raleigh Metro’s issue has 36 pages devoted to tech coverage, but LTW contributed numerous stories that didn’t make the print version. On Tuesday, we’ll talk about venture capital firms. On Wednesday, software. On Thursday, hardware. On Friday, service providers.

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Scary weather

It’s bad enough that TV and radio stations can’t wait to scare us to death with their awesome severe weather technology. Now they want to send us scurrying for cover through our mobile phones!

The Weather Channel, through its Web site, has now deveoped a downloadable Doppler Radar application for phones that puts radar images on your next-generation multimedia devices. And they are uploaded every five minutes.

For more information:

The Weather Channel:

PC sales forecast lowered

International Data Corporation says the growth of PC sales is slowing because of continuing economic uncertainty. IDC, as reported this morning by The New York Times, says sales will increase only 1.1 percent this year to 135.5 million worldwide. IDC had expected 4.7 percent growth this year.

In 2003, IDC says sales will increase a healthy 8.4 percent. But that figure was revised downward from 11.1 percent.

Major League games online

Can’t get enough of the pennant races on cable?

Encouraged by the results of its first Web cast of a full game (Yankees and Red Sox last week), Major League Baseball will offer eight games via the Web through Sept. 26.

Here’s the schedule:

Oakland at Anaheim, tonight, 10 o’clock
Baltimore at NY Yankees, Sept. 10, 1 PM
St. Louis at Houston, Sept. 12, 8 PM
San Francisco at Los Angeles, Sept. 16, 10 PM
Anaheim at Oakland, Sept. 19, 3:30 PM
Arizona at St. Louis. Sept. 23, 8 PM
Oakland at Seattle, Sept. 24, 10 PM
Boston at Chicago White Sox, Sept. 26, 2 PM

For details, go to:

Major League Baseball:

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