Avesair, a developer of mobile marketing technology and service solutions, says it has served more than 50 million mobile messages across its Mobile Marketing Network.

Since the inception of the Network, over 60 content providers have
joined-making it the largest wireless network, according to Avesair. To date, 50 advertisers have run hundreds of mobile campaigns with response rates up to 5 percent, the company adds.

“The fact that we’ve served over 50 million paid messages across the Network debunks the myth that successful mobile marketing has yet to take hold in North America,” Sean Harrison, executive vice president of business development and marketing for Avesair, said in a statement. “By coupling the wireless Internet with advanced SMS (short message service) marketing and dialog capabilities, the Network creates an exciting and interactive medium, allowing advertisers to truly engage their customers.”

Backed by Avesair’s Mobile Marketing Platform, the company says its Network has several features and capabilities that allow advertisers to go beyond traditional media buys by increasing their reach to the millions of subscribers within the wireless demographic. The Network gives advertisers and agencies the ability to run campaigns containing a wide variety of formats including instant messaging, chat, mobile email and Interactive Voice Response.

On Aug. 12, Avesair announced a media sales and software licensing
agreement with MSN Mobile, whereby MSN’s media sales team will resell
wireless ad inventory from the Network. The strength and size of MSN’s media sales team has an immediate impact to Avesair, the company says, and all the members of the Network-advertisers and publishers, alike.

Avesair, based in RTP, is a developer of mobile marketing technology and services for mobile carriers, publishers, advertisers, and media companies. Companies such as 12snap, AT&T Wireless, Boston.com, Enpocket, Mercedes-Benz, MSN, Nokia, SignalSoft, and Volvo, use Avesair’s technology and services.

Avesair: www.avesair.com