JPS Communications, a provider of communications systems products, says several agencies in the Washington, DC, area have implemented their products as part of a plan to upgrade and integrate a wide variety of networks.

The JPS ACU-1000 and NXU-2 VoIP extension unit was selected as part of a regional public safety interoperability solution, JPS says.

The first host site is located at the Alexandria Police Department (APD) in Virginia. The first switch was originally constructed as part of the National Institute of Justice’s (NIJ) AGILE Program. The NIJ selected the APD to serve as an operational test bed to test the ACU-1000 in a real world environment.

The JPS ACU-1000 was selected because it allows officers to communicate regardless of whether they use VHF, UHF or 800MHz radios or cellular and satellite phones, JPS says. As a test bed for the JPS ACU-1000 interoperability system, including the NXU-2 VoIP extension units, the APD Communications Center has implemented the system at high-profile events and other scenarios requiring interagency communication.

The APD’s interoperability system includes two ACU-1000s and multiple NXU-2 VoIP units for wide area communication. The expansion of the original test bed gateway switch, which was funded by the NIJ AGILE program, includes 18 various radios that allow interoperability connections to every major law enforcement agency in the metro region. Additionally, the APD and the Alexandria Fire Department are developing a mobile response unit with the ACU-1000 to be used at the scene of major incidents.

Presently, three other sites are under development in the Washington area to serve as host sites for the Metropolitan Interoperability Radio System using the JPS ACU-1000. These stations include the Metropolitan Washington Police Department, the Arlington County Police Department and the Maryland State Police in College Park, MD. The Public Safety Wireless Network (PSWN), a joint Justice and Treasury Department interoperability program, are supporting these additional sites.

“The AGILE Project enables us to demonstrate the capabilities of our product as a part of an active communications and dispatch center,” Roger Williams, director of communications interoperability for JPS, said in a statement. “This system of network-connected ACU-1000s provides law enforcement officials with the means to communicate with multiple agencies at a moment’s notice and the ability to control connections and disconnections from one or several locations.”

JPS Communications designs, manufactures and sells electronic hardware and software products for communications systems. Headquartered in Raleigh, the company’s focus is on Radio Interconnect Products, which facilitate communications between HF, VHF/UHF, 800 Trunked, and various other media such as cellular, NEXTEL, landline telephone and SATCOM.

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