MCNC, a nonprofit research and high-end
computing/networking facility, has appointed Elizabeth Crabill as general counsel, Yokima Cureton as corporate communications manager and Charles L. Kneifel as special assistant to the CEO.

As MCNC general counsel, Crabill will be responsible for formulating the company’s legal position on major corporate and regulatory issues, providing legal advice to the board of directors and executive management and directing litigation efforts.

Crabill joins MCNC from Business Telecom Inc. (BTI), where she served as vice president, provided overall leadership on legal issues and supervised their legal, human resources and regulatory departments. Her previous experience also includes serving as associate general counsel for Raleigh-based BTI, as well as six years of experience with law firms in Washington, DC, and Raleigh.

Previously the communications manager for the High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) division of MCNC, Cureton will expand her role. She will add media relations and community relations planning and implementation for the research and economic development division of MCNC.

In his role, Kneifel, will act on behalf of CEO Dave Rizzo to coordinate the activities of the HPCC division. He will review and approve major technical decisions and assist with the design of a proper internal organization structure to fulfill the HPCC mission.

Kneifel will also interface with the high-end computing user community. MCNC says Kneifel was chosen for his expertise in network design and implementation, coupled with his experience within research universities and his broad management track record. Most recently he served as senior director of engineering after being promoted from director of computing services/systems engineering at Interpath Communications, based in Morrisville.