Travel Incorporated, the 23rd largest travel management company in the United States, has contracted with BellSouth’s wireless alliance partner, Air2Web, for mobile Internet service, enabling customers to receive wireless travel information via cell phones, pagers and other wireless devices.

Travel Incorporated says it will be one of the first travel management companies in the country to wirelessly send full travel eItineraries, as well as reservation changes, security warnings, weather delays and more to their clients’ digital, wireless devices. If any eItinerary changes occur after travel has already commenced, an alert will be sent to the client with the phone number of the reservation agent so that the client can contact the agent directly.

Currently, Travel Inc.’s clients are receiving an e-mail with an eItinerary, a customized itinerary which provides flight, car rental, and hotel information, as well as imbedded links giving hotel directions, nearby restaurants, etc. During the fourth quarter, travelers will be able to receive an eItinerary on Web Enabled Phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). Short Message Service (SMS) phones will also be supported with client itinerary information delivered as text messages. This new mobile service from Travel Inc. will be known as mItinerary.

In the future, Duluth, GA-based Travel Incorporated plans to integrate its wireless program with many of the airline notification systems, such as Delta Airlines’, for sending automatic alerts of flight delays and cancellations.

Air2Web’s Mobile Internet Platform, which can be installed behind the customer’s firewall or hosted by Air2Web, enables customers to create, deploy and deliver enterprise applications to their customers and employees using any digital wireless device including SMS and Web-enabled phones, PDAs and pagers. To date, Air2Web has more than 65 production deployments with such customers as ADC Telecommunications, BellSouth, Nortel, UPS, Holiday Inn, the Weather Channel and CBS SportsLine.

Atlanta-based Air2Web recently closed a round of $20 million Series C funding. The investors participating in this latest round of funding include CDP Capital member CDP Sofinov, BellSouth, Nextel Ventures, VeriSign, Mitsubishi and Jay Chaudhry, chairman of Air2Web.


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