IBM wants laptop users to have more power.

On Thursday, IBM introduced the ThinkPad X30 notebook, a 3.6-pound portable computer that uses a combination of power management technology and a unique design to stretch battery life to eight hours, when fully equipped with an optional second battery.

The ThinkPad X30 is designed to be able to use two batteries at the same time … one internal and one optional extended life battery that easily attaches to the bottom of the system. The patented power-saving techniques intelligently manage the power consumption between the two batteries, and analyze how much power is needed to perform a specific task in a specific environment, IBM says. The system then reduces the power to each of the major subsystems appropriately. The power management technologies were developed as part of IBM’s company-wide initiative to address the energy needs of computing.

IBM adds that the ThinkPad X30, which uses more than 25 newly-patented technologies, boasts a series of other firsts in the “ultraportable” category. It offers IBM’s Access Connections wizard, which allows users to manage both wired and wireless connections, and to switch from one location to another.

The X30 has been ergonomically redesigned to let users work more effectively away from the office, IBM says. The optional X3 UltraBase, a 1.6 pound media “slice,” provides enhanced functionality. Users can attach the notebook to the X3 UltraBase, recharge the battery and take advantage of other features, such as optional DVD or CD/ROM capabilities.

“The ThinkPad X30 and its unique battery options deliver all-day computing for people who want to take their computers with them anywhere and everywhere — not just when they’re traveling,” Fran O’Sullivan, general manager of PC products and services for IBM’s Personal Computing Division in RTP. “They don’t want to trade computing power for longer battery life. This new ThinkPad notebook makes that goal a reality, in an ultraportable package with up to eight hours of optional battery life, and no compromises on computing function.”

Models of the ThinkPad X30 will be generally available Sept. 3, with prices starting at $1999.