Norak Biosciences has appointed Dani Bolognesi of Durham-based Trimeris as a new member of its Board of Directors.

Bolognesi is chief executive officer and chief scientific officer at Trimeris (Nasdaq: TRMS), a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of therapeutic agents that block viral infection by inhibiting viral fusion with host cells. As a co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of Trimeris since 1993, Bolognesi has played a major role in the company’s development since its inception. In March 1999, he was appointed CEO and CSO.

Bolognesi’s scientific career spans three decades during which he has held a number of positions at Duke University. He was the James B. Duke professor of surgery, professor of microbiology/immunology, vice chairman for research and development in the department of surgery and director of the Duke University Center for AIDS Research. While at Duke, Bolognesi and his research team contributed to the discovery of AZT – the first anti-HIV drug.

“It is my great privilege to welcome Dani to our Board of Directors,” Norak Presdient and CEO Roger Blevins said in a statement. “His many experiences in starting and growing a very successful biotechnology company will be a tremendous asset to Norak as we continue to develop and execute our plans for growth.”

Norak Biosciences, headquartered in RTP, is a private biotechnology company utilizing its proprietary Transfluor technology to become leader in the discovery and development of drugs that regulate G protein-coupled receptors. Transfluor arises from technology that was developed at Duke Medical Center and licensed by Norak in 1999.

Norak Biosciences: