A new study released by Comscore Networks, a Virginia company that tracks and analyzes various Web statistics, finds that U.S. online consumer sales increased 30 percent to $927 million during the month of July.

The findings are part of the Media Metrix Top 50 Internet Properties study for July 2002, which highlights companies that drew the most unique visitors to their Web site.

The study provides other interesting snapshots of behavior expressed by some American’s while browsing the Web, the world’s most accessible database, for information.

For instance, with the American public bombarded with dire revelations about the lack of financial morality practiced by executives at several of the nation’s most watched public companies, 23.2 million individuals searched for financial information and advice on the Web.

On that note, the study points out that Charlotte-based LendingTree.com saw the number of unique visitors to its site grow 11 percent to 1.2 million in July.

The study also finds that travel sales, the largest e-commerce segment, grew 32 percent compared to July 2001, to $2.9 billion with Orbitz.com, a joint effort by many of the nation’s largest airlines, was the 40th most visited site in the U.S.

Notable was Dell Computer’s entry into the top 50, which seems to indicate its recent aggressive marketing campaign may be showing signs of success. The number of unique visitors to Dell.com surged to 34 percent to 9.2 million, which ranks 49th overall.