CHARLOTTE … Digital Optics has reached an agreement with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte for ownership of seven patents in the micro-optics field.

Digital Optics and UNCC recently closed on the transaction, which involved the company obtaining ownership of the patents in exchange for an undisclosed amount of stock to the University’s Foundation. This brings the total number of patents and applications held by Digital Optics to more than 120.

“DOC has enjoyed a strong relationship and history with UNC Charlotte during these past 10 years, and this transaction further solidifies the partnership,” President Kevin Drehmer said in a statement.

According to UNCC Chancellor James Woodward, the Digital Optics transaction is an ideal model for the development of other leading-edge technology companies in the Charlotte region.

The patents assigned by UNCC represent three distinct micro-optics categories: encoding, achromatic and micro-electronic interconnect. The encoding patents are directed to making a diffractive element, a core competency at Digital Optics. The achromatic patents are directed to diffractive elements that are less wavelength-dependent. The micro-electronic interconnect patents are directed to a system to allow increased density of the optical and electrical interconnections.

Digital Optics says the recent additions from UNCC enhance its patent portfolio. Currently, its intellectual property covers the fabrication and utilization of wafer-fabricated micro-optics, as well as the integration of micro-optics at the wafer and die level for specific products. Applications include telecommunications, data communications, semiconductor lithography, data storage, bar code scanners and sensors.

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